Our response to the unfolding human misery in Ukraine

Safety First

While not involved in any engagements directly in Ukraine, we are working internally and with our employees in Bucharest, Romania to ensure that we are able to provide any services, help, donations that can help the refugees coming into Romania from Ukraine. In addition, we are committed to providing all the support possible to our employees in Romania.

We are aware of various clients who have vendors and contractors working in Ukraine. To them we have offered our services through our offices in Poland and Hungary to help with, if needed, relocation and re-assignments. In addition, we are closely monitoring what our clients are saying and doing so that we are ready to participate in any change as soon as it is announced.

At Tech M, we have successfully supported other large enterprise customers to mitigate business and supply chain disruptions. We have been able to rebadge and redeploy over 3000 Ukraine based talent to neighboring locations. In addition to supporting the impacted associates with monetary and other essentials.


We are participating in various giving programs through Allyis, Microsoft and through various organizations such as the Red Cross. There are individuals within Allyis who are also working independently to provide goods and services where possible to help elleviate the human suffering to the extent possible.

Customers and Partners

We are keeping our customers and partners aware of the situation on the ground in Romania. Everyone has been extremely supportive of all steps being taken but at the same time we have also assured them that if needed, we will do what is right both for our employees and the business. Having the larger TechM footprint across different countries in that region has been a very positive development and we are keeping the various options in mind.